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Long Skirts

  • Each GLOW SKIRT is handmade and completely unique. Roberta selects fabrics from 4 antique silk saris to create stunning jewel colour combinations in each skirt.  Graceful, yet heavy and full, these 25 yard skirts swish and swirl beautifully when you move. 

  • Our VAGABOND SKIRTS are flouncy and floaty, yet heavy and full, these 23 yard frilled skirts swish and swirl beautifully when you move. A clever design detail means that the skirts can be ruched at the front for a versatile gathered look, or left unruched to show off the frills and layers of silk in their full-length glory.

  • Our beautiful one-size, adjustable TEMPLE PANELS are an elegant addition to any outfit. Velvet-trimmed, the long silk panels fall to drape your figure, and can be worn at the waist or lower on the hips. Darts on the back panel fit the silk around your curves, and brass poppers make the velvet waistband adjustable to suit a wide range of sizes.