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Choli size guide - Getting the right fit

To get our sizes in the workshop, we lace up/button up the choli as tight as it will go, and lay the choli flat.  We then measure the underbust area (just under armpit to armpit) of the garment in metric inches, then double it to get the SMALLEST underbust size.  Our cholis ADJUST by up to an EXTRA 4" by means of poppers and/or lacing, which is where our second measurement comes in, eg '32"-36" Underbust'.  If you want the neatest fit, go by the smaller number of the size range.  You can go by your bra band size if you are in the UK, or you can simply measure your underbust in inches to find the right size for you. 

Busty? Consider sizing up in order to feel more comfortable & supported.

Still not sure, or want to ask more questions? No problem - just contact us, we'd be delighted to help you find the right fit!


Measure here - wrap a flexible measuring tape* around your ribcage, just under your bust.  Where the tape meets is your underbust measurement.  Make sure the tape is as level as possible, and not gaping or drooping down lower on your back.

Search filters 

underbust group.png

Our Cholis are adaptable and flexible. We've added clever filters to help you find the sizes you are looking for, in the maximum amount of colours and styles.   For example, if your underbust size is 34", every Choli in these 2 groups should fit you.

refine size.png

You can also use the second filter to narrow  your search down even further!

* FYI- you may have come across or own a tape measure with 'inches' that seemed a little off. This is very likely Chinese cùn and not a metric inch, and although very similar, a cùn is in fact 1.312 inches - so slightly longer!

chinese and metric measuring tape comparison_edited.jpg


Angel, who wears a UK 36HH bra, felt most comfortable in a choli 44"-48".  Measuring around her ribcage the usual way (diagram above), she confirmed that the underbust measurement of 36" was correct.  

After trying on a 44"-48" choli, she then measured around the lower half of her bust (where the choli touches, see image on left) and found the measurement was indeed 44", a perfect match for the choli she felt fitted her better. Sizing up meant that the front sides of the choli actually cradled her bust, rather than her bust pushing through and crushing the front of the choli underneath.


Remember, please, please contact us for advice if you are unsure at all!

Busty gals


Elena left us this extremely helpful and wonderful review on Etsy:

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